10 ways to which kids can help save rainforests

Rainforests help in maintaining the ecological balance of the earth. Destruction of the rainforestsis causing disturbances in the ecological balance. Rainforests are home to a variety of plants and animals. Cutting down of rainforests means driving these animals away from their abodes!

The kids do not really need to make a large impact. Here are a few things that kids can do to save the rainforests.

  • Requesting your parents to opt for coffee and banana that are grown sustainably, that is, without clearing up acres of the rainforest area, is a very good thing you can do. It is very safe for not only the environment but also the animals and the birds.
  • You could request your teacher in theschool to allow to do a project to learn about the rainforests in details. In this process, you can also learn about the variety of plants and animals living here. Enacting out skits or even decorating your classroom is a good idea.
  • You can help by donating a meager amount of money to the organizations that work for the welfare of the rainforests by having bake sales or garage sales that may help you in raising money.
  • You can do a detailed study about kids of your age who live near the rainforests and find out how they are dependent on the forests, the animals, and plants for their survival.
  • Discussing the importance of rainforests with your family and requesting your teacher in theschool to teach your classmates more about the rainforests.
  • Reuse paper instead of simply throwing them out once they are of no use. Take guidance from your parents and teachers and gain knowledge about thepaper is recycled and how you can use it later.
  • Requesting your school authorities to use environment-friendly paper is a clever idea because about 70% of the paper comes from the trees of the rainforest.
  • You can write letters of appreciation to the organizations that are taking care of the rainforests. Telling them that they are doing a job of a kind, is something that will boost them even more.
  • You can look at maps with your teachers and try locating out the location of the rainforests and the area they cover.
  • You should take a look at how many things you are using daily, and they come from the rainforest and think about what would happen if they did not exist.

No matter what your age is, you can always contribute to help to conserve the rainforests. Unfortunately, rainforests are being destroyed every year. The destruction of rainforests happens for more than just one reason like alumbering, construction of roads, etc. there are many groups opposing the destruction of rain forests because they play a major role to sustain life on our earth.

Whatever little you can do to contribute to help save the rainforests, should be done. This is your planet, and the safety of the planet lies in your hands.