About Me

The world is heading towards the danger, and we are no time near to Armageddon, but who and what factors are responsible for taking us here. Well, today, I will make you aware of the bitter truth that the world and every single species living are facing from, and for all the consequences, only we humans are responsible.

Right from the time, we stepped in the world; we constantly questioned the existence and the area covered by Nature and ruthlessly invaded as far as we could. Not for a moment did we realize that we are not the only species living on the planet and there are many out there. Our constant actions of cutting down the forest, established building, enormous infrastructure at almost every inch of the land has led many beautiful species to go extinct, and many are already on the list.

The next thing that concerns me the most is the deforestation of the rainforest. I as a nature lover, admirer, and worshipper get deeply hurt with the actions of the humans who just think for themselves and compromise the existence of the planet.

I created this website with the sole purpose of making the world aware of where we are heading and how bad are we doing to the other species, Nature, and even to ourselves. Here, I will share the entire essential, important and reasons that discuss the rainforest and preserving it.

At the first place, I would like all of you to know why therainforest is important to us, as many of you may not be aware of this fact. The rainforest is the reason that all of us are breathing oxygen because nearly 40% of world oxygen is produced by the rainforest and it is thegreatest barrier for the global warming to consume all in its effects. By consuming an enormous amount of carbon alone, therainforest is giving a tough fight to the global warming. Besides, it provides ahome to more than 50% of the species, many endangered animals, and indigenous groups of animals. By stating all why rainforests are important to us, I guess, I already have made my take of saving them strong enough.

Now, I will take you to the second important area, and that is how we really can save rainforests. There are already many organizations running who are doing their part and if you think whatever they are doing is enough, and you don’t need to put yourself into it, then think it over. With 7.4 billion of people living here in the world, and only a few lakhs putting their efforts, will it be possible to save it, of course not?

We all have to get together and pledge to save therainforest, other species, our Mother Nature and all living in the world. By saving rainforests, we are contributing a lot. I created this website with the purpose of guiding and motivating people to play their part in defense of rainforests. You will find all the necessary details here on this website.