Why Rainforest is important to us?

The rainforest is that main source that provides 40% of the oxygen alone. It gives atough fight to the global warming which is thriving harder to consume the entire planet by consuming a great amount of carbon alone. It provides shelter to more than 50% species of the world and many indigenous and endangered species. Apart from these, there is more than one can think benefits that rainforest provide us with and all these factors together make the rainforest and its existence important.

Why save therainforest?

The answer to this particular question is not confined in mere two to 3 reasons and goes beyond a normal human’s intellect reach. But, to still make most of you aware of this one, a few of the reasons are listed below.

  • If rainforests will be cut down with the same speed, nearly 70% of total species would go homeless. This is a major area of concern because of they have no home; they either will die or be exposed to the brutal side of humans.
  • Almost every medicine we eat today uses herbs or plants that grow in the rainforests. If we have no rainforests, we will have no medicine, and live a healthy life will be a distant dream.
  • Rainforests help to manage the world’s water cycle. If there will be no rainforests, we probably will crave and die for waterfall and pleasing weather will just stay either in memories or in books.
  • We get most of our foods from rainforests like bananas, coffee beans, nuts, and much If the rainforest is cut down at the same pace, most of the food we have will go extinct the same way many species.

These are just a few of the millions of the reasons that why we need to save them.

What are being done to save rainforests?

Many organizations and the governments of a few countries have come forward to preserve the rainforests and have started many programs under which cutting down the rainforests and harming the animals living in it is regarded as violating the laws.

Even in many countries, the local people living near the rainforests are instructed to allow the animals into their farms and let them eat whatever they can avail from the lands. Through this, saving rainforests will be easier and all will be contributing their part.

What can you do to save rainforests?

Though there are many organizations that are doing a lot to save the rainforest, putting your effort will always result in the betterment. If you really intend to save the rainforests, you first have to avoid using the products that are manufactured using the woods of the rainforest because the higher demand of the products leads to the maximum cut down of the forest. Once you get convinced, try convincing others as well and make them aware that using things that are not necessary may lead you to the time where even availing the necessary items will be difficult.