5 Everyday Things You Can Do To Save Rainforests

Rainforests are the world´s lungs; if we don´t struggle to take care of them, what is most likely to happen is that they sadly disappear, and we perish as a species. Luckily for us, there are many responsible humans on planet Earth still trying to make this a beautiful, sustainable place. For us, the little things are the ones that matter the most, so read on and find out five everyday things you can do to help rainforest a lot.

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Avoid Using Deforestation Goods

Have you ever heard of palm oil? Palm oil is present in millions of products around the world from house and self-care to food. This ingredient comes from deforestation and in order for us to keep our forests safe, we need to stop consuming it.

What can you do?

Every time you go to the supermarket read the ingredients and avoid buying palm oil.

Help Making Content Viral

If you are involved with mailing and/or social media on a daily basis and get news that can help bring awareness about the endangered rainforests, try to make them circulate so they can reach more people. In one word, help make the rainforests a popular concern and help people take action.

What can you do?

Share all the content you can with those around you and support mailing campaigns.

Buy Responsively

Palm oil is not the only element that comes from deforestation; there are a lot of products that can be made the right or the wrong way. For example, gold, woods, paper, coffee and many other products can come from recycling and sustainability or from predating natural rainforests.

What can you do?

Read all you can, be informed and ask around. There are brands making the difference and there are others (generally cheaper) spreading the disease. Choose wisely.

Push Your Government As A Citizen

This is very important for each of us: to take local action. Every town has some environmental issues to address, every province has some bigger ones and every nation has some major ones. To address them all, we need to be a part of it; it is our duty as citizens.

What can you do?

Write, call and actively participate in your city, province and country politics.

Support Indigenous Communities

Indigenous communities, especially in the American continent have always have a healthier relationship with nature and usually know more about how to treat it than we do. Support them by talking to them, buying their products and take part in their struggle to be recognized.

What can you do?

Take a side and make your opinion known to friends and peers. Try to raise awareness about their ancient knowledge and how it can help to save the world.


Sometimes we live in such a frenzy that the urgent doesn´t leave room for the important. Yes, rainforests are important to have a prosper future. If we don´t realize about it and act now, later might be too late.