Facts About Rainforests You Probably Did Not Know

We cannot underestimate the power of rain forests when it comes to supporting the ecosystem. The forests play a huge role in sustaining both animal and human life. What is more is that every type of rainforest is unique in sustaining both plants and animals’ lives with the Congo and Amazon rain forests being among the most popular ones. However, there is more to these forests than just sustaining lives. Here, we discuss some facts that you probably did not know.

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“Rainforests provide habitats for both plants and animals and are responsible for keeping the world free from global warming.”

  1. Humanity is destroying rainforest

This is a sad fact! You might be aware that people are cutting down rainforest trees but are you aware that more than 8 million hectares of these resources are destroyed annually? Yes, that is right. The rate at which these trees are cut down is so alarming that soon the world will be left with a desert with no trees no wildlife to complete the ecosystem. 8 million hectares is equivalent to the size of one country, for example, Czech Republic. According to recent researches conducted, more than 5 billion trees go down annually thanks to non-caring humanity.

  1. Rainforest helps prevent global warming

The reason why cutting down on rainforest trees is so saddening is that these same trees are responsible for preventing global warming. As you may be aware, plants use carbon dioxide in the process of photosynthesis. Because they have large leaves, rainforest store a large amount of carbon that would have otherwise occupied the environment we live in thereby causing global warming. Continued studies show that cutting down of rainforest trees accounts for about 10% accumulation of greenhouse gases.

  1. We rely heavily on rainforests

Many of the foods consumed by humans come from the rainforests. These include bananas, coffee, and papaya amongst others. Moreover, we also rely on these forests for countless medicinal ingredients. The ingredients have become so important in the recent times that they can cure from simple parasitic infections to chronic diseases such as cancer.

  1. Rainforests provide habitat for many

More than any other terrestrial ecosystem, the rainforests provide habitat for many species of plants and animals. The rainforest’s climate, the structure of vegetation and competition from different species makes it more diverse and habitable by many. Study shows that some groups of humans also take shelter in these forests.

  1. The Amazon is the largest rainforest

To some fun facts, the Amazon is apparently the largest rainforest covering about half of South America. Most of its parts lie in the borders of Brazil. Coming in second is the Congo rainforest followed by the New Guinea rainforest in third place.


Rainforests provide habitats for both plants and animals and are responsible for keeping the world free from global warming. However, human activities have seen to it that most of the rainforest trees are cut down annually with estimated 5 billion trees being cut down. At this rate, it is only a matter of time before serious global warming crises hit the globe. The Amazon rainforest is the biggest followed by the Congo Basin and the New Guinea rainforests.