Importance of rainforests in maintain environmental balance

Rainforests are home to varieties of birds and animals and also help to maintain the ecosystem of the earth. Rain forests are tall, dense and have hot, humid climate and experience huge amount of rainfall annually. 6% of the surface of the earth is covered by them, but maximum plants and animals are found here. The rainforest is the most magical place on the earth. A single area in the forests are the sizes of almost two football grounds. The branches of the trees form a canopy that provides ahuge amount of space for plants and animals to grow and live.

The trees in the rainforests are mostly important because of their medicinal properties. Reports have proved that almost 25-30% of the modern drugs are extracted originally from the rainforests. They are mostly used for medicines to treat ailments and diseases like cancer or even heart diseases, sometimes.

  • Biodiversity- Though the rainforests cover only 6% of the surface of the earth, they are home to the largest variety of plant and animal species ranging from 50% and 90% respectively. Due to deforestation, there is a decline in species each day. The extinction of the species has now become about four hundred times faster as compared to any other time.
  • Often referred to as the planet’s lungs, they play a major role in the absorption of carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.
  • Rainforests play an important role in stabilizing the climate of the world. They receive the maximum amount of rainfall and help the earth to maintain proper climatic conditions, which helps to support life on the earth.
  • As already mentioned earlier, rainforests are home to numerous plants and animals. Destroying rainforests means taking away the homes of thousands of animals and plants, which in turn destroys the ecological balance of the earth.
  • Rainforests play a vital role in maintaining the water cycle on the earth. The water cycle is another important factor which makes conditions on this planet favorable to support life. Rainforests receive a large amount of rain which reaches to almost every part of the world. If rainforests are destroyed, the cycle gets seriously affected and will be responsible for droughts in many places.
  • Rainforests help to protect against severe natural calamities like drought, flood and undoubtedly erosion. The roots of the plants hold the soil together to prevent erosion, does not allow the flow of running water, thereby preventing floods.
  • Rainforests are the biggest source of food for tribal people. Also, amaximum of the medicines comes from the medicinal plants of the rainforests.
  • Rainforests help to maintain the ecological balance of the earth. Ecological balance basically is how each and every species naturally coexist with the other species and also the environment in which they are living. Any disturbance to the ecosystem causes a major change in the ecological balance.

Unfortunately, rainforests are being destroyed every year. The destruction of rainforests happens for more than just one reason like alumbering, construction of roads, etc. there are many groups opposing the destruction of rain forests because they play a major role to sustain life on our earth.