Preserve Rainforest, Say Goodbye to Global Warming

Global warming is one of the fiery concepts of themodern world. People get tensed with so many issues around them, and that includes political, financial, economical and so on. But, there are very few concerns about theenvironment. Yes, lots of national and international summits are organized to keep the environment safe, but, the actual result is not that much vivid.

Areas of Rainforest

All of you are aware of rainforest around the world. You can call this vast entity the lungs of the world. Each continent contains a huge part of therain forest, whether it is Central America or Australia or Southern Asia or Africa. The Amazon is the world’s largest rain forest that covers the largest river basin of the Amazon River. With so many biodiversities, the rainforest of the world keeps the earth a livable place with acomfortable environment. A human may not understand the impact of deforestation in theshort term, but in the long term, they are only commencing mass destruction.

How Rain Forest Benefits the Environment

While a single plant can keep your mood fresh, think how the entire entity of the rain forest can keep the earth a beautiful and livable place. According to scientists, tropical rainforest took almost 100 million years to form, and it is the most complex and oldest landform on the earth. It benefits the environment in following ways-

  1. Provides Habitat for Many Plants and Animals

Due to the steamy and warm environment, this place is the home ground of several plants and animals. The plants are ashelter for huge types of animals and those also provide food for every type. A huge biodiversity is based on the forest; hence deforestation will affect the entire globe adversely.

  1. Regulates Climate

Did you know that rainforest store more than half of the earth’s rainwater? Without rainforest, the world will be disposed to wide droughts and famine. It is the deforestation that is the pivotal reason of increasing heat of the earth. And as a result, global warming is affecting every corner of the world.

  1. Prevents Soil Erosion

The trees at rain forest are huge in size. These have longpenetrated roots which hold soil of the forest. Also, the trees and plants make acanopy to protect soil from heavy rain. Too much deforestation can make the soil loose and wash away during heavy rain. Landslides are acommon effect of soil erosion.

Solutions for Deforestation

The actual picture is different. Usually, the rainforest of the world occupies only 6% of the earth. But, that is also disappearing at analarming rate. You will be shocked to know that rainforests are being destroyed over 80,000 acres per day!! The world is concerned about it, and several steps are taken. But, with simple and basic steps you can do your bit to stop global warming and other environmental hazards-

  1. Teach others about the importance of rainforest to keep the earth a livable place.
  2. Restore what has been damaged by planting more trees.
  3. Encourage people not to do such things that damage theenvironment.
  4. Establish parks to protect biodiversity.
  5. Support those who are working to lower environmental degradation every day.

Thus, the world can be a happy place to live, and we can create a better earth for our future generation.