Rainforest and Its Preservance

Rainforests are the forests that are known for their rainfalls. There are mainly two types of rainforests i.e. the tropical rainforests and the temperate rainforests. Almost 40%-75% of the main species originate from the rainforests. There are still so many undiscovered species. Tropical Rainforests are also known as the “jewels of the Earth” for being the home to infinite kinds flora and fauna and the “world’s largest pharmacy” because around one-quarterof the natural medicines are produced these forests. These rainforests also control the oxygen levels on a higher rate.

  • Why Are Rainforests Important?    

While we may live in a world that is technologically ahead, rainforests are the ones keeping us alive giving us the major resources.They are often termed as the lungs for the Earth for the huge amount of work they do to keep our ecosystems upright all the time.

  • These are the 7 major reasons why rainforests should be our concerns:
  1. Home for Everyone: 70% of Earth’s mainland species reside in rainforests. It is the home for millions of different animals and plants. This is also the wet area that covers the earth and makes it a home for the underwater species.
  1. New Species: There are still many undiscovered species that are left to be found and cherished yet. But with the rising industrialization and its effects, many of these species will be killed even before they are discovered. Already so many species are getting erased every single day.
  1. Medicinal values: The rainforests are the origins for so many medicines that we use in our day to day lives. But that is just from the 1% of the rainforests that we have on earth. If we could examine the other parts, who knows we might even get the cure for the deadly diseases like cancers, malaria, etc.
  1. Ecosystem Maintenance: The rainforest is responsible for the regulation of the world’s main water cycle. Trees are very important when it comes to the retention of water on earth and also for circulating it in the atmosphere. Almost 50% of the water is controlled by the plants. The climate would change drastically and become dryer if the plants decrease.
  1. Climate Changes: One major after-effect of deforestation is climate change. With the removal of trees from their natural habitat, the other factors also change, so does the climate. When trees are removed, a huge amount of sunlight enters, keeping the area warm and changing the temperature for the rest of the time. This change in temperature is harmful to the other plants and animals of that area. Also, the trees are responsible for capturing the harmful greenhouse gasses. Which in turn means, more gasses to effect the atmosphere.
  1. Common People:The most affected species right after the animals would be us, the humans. The rainforests are our main producers and gatekeepers. The ones living in those areas might have to move away due to the climate changes, increase in erosion resulting in flood and low fertile lands, lack of drinking water, etc. which in turn results in worse issues.