Saving Rainforests By Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Does the word “deforestation” ring a bell in your head? Well, deforestation is the human act of cutting out a forest to use the land to plant or build something else. Deforestation is deeply related to humankind´s carbon footprint; it actually is part of it. The more rainforests are wiped off the Earth to use the land for different causes, the deeper our carbon footprint becomes.

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Deforestation: Cause And Consequence

Deforestation on earth is not only one of the consequences of the enlargement of carbon footprint, but also a cause

According to recent studies, deforestation on earth is not only one of the consequences of the enlargement of carbon footprint, but also a cause. It is said by experts that if we cut down deforestation and start reforesting the planet, we will cut down carbon emissions as much as if we would get rid of every car in the world right now. The action of trees breathing could help as a low-cost solution to put a brake on global warming and the world´s greenhouse effect. In fact, responsible foresting could save 7 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide a year, which is actually the same as eliminating 1.5 billion cars from the roads. Deforestation is a consequence of human´s carbon footprint because those lands are usually used in the name of false progress into industrialization but also a cause, because with less trees around, carbon monoxide stays in the air for longer periods of time.

Saving Rainforest, A Critical Need

Saving the rainforests around the world is a critical act for human kind

Because the quality of the air needs it and because they are a natural air filter, saving the rainforests around the world is a critical act for human kind. If the greenhouse effect is to be slowed and global warming is to be taken back to where it was in the pre-industrial era, then deforestation must be abandoned and reforestation embraced. The soil left in the world for human activities should be optimized as the global population is still on the rise, because not doing so will end up being a fatal trap for the entire race.

Conclusion – The Future

The future doesn´t look so bright with the recent events that happened in the Amazonian jungle. Also, it has been reported that many African rainforests are being burned either intentionally or not and those lands instead of being reused to reforest those areas are used to build business and make rich people a little richer. If the future is not a joint effort for all human kind to save the Earth, it is to doubt that there is a future at all.