Saving Rainforests need of the hour

Well, a very important question to ask is, why should we save rainforests? How are rainforests benefitting us? Well, we may not be aware that, no matter how far we are from the rain forests, we benefit from them every single day, as much as the people who live close to them are benefitting from the forests. As we all know, the tropical rainforests are home to the largest varieties of plants, birds, and animals. They are famous for their humid climate, and the highest amount of rainfall received annually.

The Amazon Rainforest, situated in South America, is the largest rainforest in the world. Apart from that, these forests are also found across areas of Asia. Africa, Central America and Australia. According to the scientists, about half the population of the trees and plants of the earth are found here.

But rainforests are being destroyed every year for lumbering purposes, constructing roads or making clear spaces available for farming. Rainforests play a major role in balancing the systems of the earth.

Given below are a few reasons as to why saving the rainforests have become the need of the hour.

  • The rainforests are referred to as the lungs of the earth by many scientists. The only reason being, the rainforests absorbs the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere and produce a large amount of oxygen which is very important to sustain the human and the animal life. The rainforests also act as air purifiers, purifying the air of all the poisonous gasses like Sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, Also, carbon dioxide is one of the gasses which is responsible for global warming. Absorbing this gas, the forests contribute in reducing the effects of global warming.
  • Rainforests are the home to 80-90% of the species of plants and animals. Due to thedestruction of the rainforests, the plants and animals lose their houses and eventually die. In fact, the rainforests are now home to many of the endangered species, and if destroyed, these species will become extinct. These plants and animals can only survive in the rainforests.
  • Protecting the rainforests is very important because of another important factor. Rainforests help in maintaining the water cycle on the earth. Rainforests receive the maximum amount of rainfall on the earth annually. The water from the rainforest makes way to every nook and corner of the world. Destroying the rainforests mean, the cycle will be affected, and it will have an adverse effect on the earth, leading to droughts in various places across the whole world.
  • Maximum of the trees in the rainforests has medicinal properties. 25-30% of the modern drugs are extracted from these trees, and they can cure diseases like cancer and leukemia. Hence, it is very important to protect these trees.

For years and years, human beings have gathered from the environment to meet all his needs. Man needs to stop exploiting the gifts of nature or they will be on a stage, where hardly anything can be repaired. The benefits of the forests have to be kept in mind, and mankind has to stop clearing the rainforests, or extreme repercussions may have to be faced.