Using Old Smartphones To Save The Rainforest

Deforestation has been a global problem, which has resulted in major, adverse environmental changes such as global warming and has resulted in the irreversible extinction of various life forms on the planet. We all know something needs to be done to curb deforestation and preserve our planet, but who would have thought of old smartphones as planet preservation tools?

Bring Growl Boyz To The Table

Missionary Boys - Where Boys Become Men
Missionary Boys – Where Boys Become Men

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Old Smartphones And The Rain Forest?

The rainforest is as far away from civilization as possible and smartphones, on the other hand, are icons of civilization. However, someone thinks bringing old smartphones and the rainforest together can save the planet. As absurd as that might sound at first, it’s entirely practical and ingenious.

Guardian Angels

The “Rain Forest Connection” is a project dedicated to the preservation of rainforests, one of which is the Amazon rainforest. The brains behind this genius project have found a way to use old smartphones called “guardian angels” to aid in saving the rainforest. Your old smartphone could be one of such phones if you donate it.

These guardian angels are taken and slightly re-engineered to serve as spies of some sort for the authorities in charge of forest preservation. They’re strategically attached to trees in the rainforest to pick up the sounds and coordinates of tree-felling and poaching activities. Illegal loggers and poachers have been occasionally surprised by the sudden, unannounced arrival of the authorities to stop them in their tracks.

Guardian Devices

The use of old smartphones to save the planet is spearheaded by Topher White, the CEO of Rainforest Connection and creator of the Guardian Devices. The Guardian Devices are the devices that house the Guardian Angels (the modified, old smartphones). These devices serve as fancy containers for the smartphones and keep them powered through solar panels, which is quite challenging in places as dense with foliage as the Amazon rainforest.

However, with careful positioning, the sparse rays of sunlight that filter through the dense canopy can provide enough energy to power the Guardian Angels. Furthermore, the Guardian Devices provide extra-powered microphones that can pick up the sounds of vehicles and chainsaws as far away as 1 km from their positions. They’re also fitted with extra powerful antennae for better signal reception.

Save The World

Instead of letting your old smartphones lye around and constitute clutter, give them away to Rainforest Connection and partake in saving the planet. Some life form could owe their life to your old smartphone donation. For the record, some Amazonian tribes are being displaced by the activities of illegal loggers. Your old smartphone could play a role in letting them preserve and keep their homes.